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Shooting Of Good Samaritan Proves To Be A Hoax | News

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Shooting Of Good Samaritan Proves To Be A Hoax

Reports of a good Samaritan being shot on the side of the road in Jefferson County have proven to be a hoax.  The victim in the case now admits he accidentally shot himself.  The man, who spoke on condition of anonymity, says he was trying to shoot in the direction of a cat that had damaged his truck when he slipped, fell, and shot himself in the hand. 

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Department spent four hours searching for a fictitious gunman. 

It happened last night along Rt. 30 near Dittmer. The man originally claimed he was driving along when he saw another man laying just off the highway. When he stopped to check on the person, the man lying in the ditch sat up and pointed a rifle at him demanding his wallet.

He told police a struggle ensued during which the rifle went off striking the victim in the hand and arm. The suspect quickly fled the scene and is still on the loose.

He now says he was embarrassed when police and medics arrived and made up the story so he wouldn't look, "like an idiot." 

Deputies aren't saying whether or not the man will be charged. 

He could face misdemeanor charges and be billed of expenses related to the search. 


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